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£/£> ^' -V^ET. 

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! *<9S - 


Dear Simmons Class of 2006, 

We will go out together! I am very proud to be leaving Simmons at the same time as you, members 
of the Simmons class of 2006. Both of us have done well here and have every reason to be proud 
of our accomplishments. I know the College will miss us. 

It is hard for me to imagine that most of you came to Simmons only four years ago. 
Those years have flown by and so much has changed. We opened a new building at 
One Palace Road, finished renovation of two residence halls and improved 
Quadside, renovated the Linda K. Paresky Conference Center, and brought technology 
to many classrooms. I only wish we had been able to complete the new Library in time 
for you -- and me -- to enjoy it before we left. 

More important, the class of 2006 has been an important member of the Simmons 
family during a time when the College has hit full stride. In fact, you helped us get 
there. We all have every reason to be proud of Simmons today: terrific, intelligent 
students, great faculty and staff and alumnae who are making an important, positive difference 
in the world. We like to say that students who come to Simmons " find their voice." That is, they 
discover they are bright and they develop their potential to the fullest. While you were here 
at Simmons, I think the College also found its voice and developed its potential. You played an 
important part in the College's success. 

Sue and I have enjoyed our association with you during these years, and will do our 
best to stay in touch with the class of 2006 as your President Emeritus and Spouse 
Emerita. We will miss the important and symbolic events, such as Convocation and 
Commencement, and the community-building events like carving turkeys for you at the Winter 
Wonderland holiday dinner or observing the May pole dance on May Day. We have many warm 
memories of the wonderful women who are members of the Simmons class of 2006. 

We wish you good luck and every success in your future. 

With warm regards, 

Daniel S. Cheever, Jr. 

Principal photography, Len Rubenstein. Image courtesy of the Office of the Vice President for Marketing. 

In the spring of 2005, President Cheever announced that he would be retiring in 2006. Many questions 
arose: Why now? What about the next president? Would Simmons be looking for a female leader? 
The College announced that it would seek the best qualified candidate for a new president, male or female, 
but, all else being equal, a female president would be a plus. The result: 

Simmons Welcomes a New President, Dr. Susan Scrimshaw 

As the Class of 2006 departs from Simmons, so too will President Dan Cheever. After an eleven- 
month nationwide search for the College's new president, the Presidential Search Committee 
enthusiastically announced Dr. Susan Scrimshaw as Cheever's successor on December 20, 2005. 

Scrimshaw's strong credentials made her stand out among other candidates for the position. 
Particularly, Scrimshaw is currently the Dean of Public Health at the University of Illinois at 
Chicago. Prior to obtaining this position, she held administrative positions at the University of 
California at Los Angeles and Columbia University. In addition to her prestigious positions, 
Scrimshaw, with her background in public health and anthropology, has published five books and 
sixty-five journals. She has won the Margaret Mead Award of the American Anthropological 
Association and is an elected member of the Institution of Medicine of the National Academies. 

Scrimshaw, a graduate of Barnard College, is passionate about the College's goal to educate 
strong, worldly women. With her interdisciplinary background, she hopes to inspire Simmons 
students to double major if they have multiple educational interests. While at Simmons, she also 
looks forward to building a stronger link between the College's undergraduate and graduate 
programs. Scrimshaw also plans to strengthen the College's international studies while further 
building on programs such as study abroad, service learning in Nicaragua and Guatemala, and 
library studies in Iraq. 

Her enthusiasm regarding international issues is a result of her multicultural background. 
Specifically, Scrimshaw was raised in Guatemala and identifies as bicultural and multilingual as 
she speaks Spanish, French, and Portuguese. At sixteen years old, Scrimshaw and her family 
moved to the U.S. after their years in Guatemala; after moving to the States, she encountered a 
culture shock. For example, while discussing the issue of multiculturalism, Scrimshaw explained 
that "most of the people in this culture [the U.S] grew up being told this [identifying with 
different cultures] is wrong. My message is that it is one of your greatest assets." Thus, 
her life in Guatemala helps her relate to Simmons students from different cultures as she 
has faced obstacles as a result of her background. 

With a strong interest in student affairs, Scrimshaw plans to schedule meetings with students in 
both an individual and group setting in order to warmly introduce herself and get to know 
students and their needs and desires. As she becomes part of the College, the Simmons 
community will sincerely welcome her and her fiance, Allan, as they move into the President's 
House in Brookline in July. 

Story by Nicole Field. Information courtesy of Evan Kuhlman, Simmons Voice, February 2, 2006. 

Left, L-R: Sarah Neil I , Associate Dean for 
Student Life; Marika Donders, Administrative 
Assistant; Perri Shapiro Cordon, Assistant Dean 
for Student Life; Joanna Conroy, Administrative 
Assistant; Lisa Smith-McQueenie, Assistant Dean 
for Student Life; Sheila Murphy, Dean for Student 

Below, L-R: Diane Raymond, Dean of the College 
of Arts and Sciences; Denise Oberdan, Academic 
Program Manager; Colleen Ammerman, 
Administrative Assistant; Cathryn Mercier, Associate 
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Roslyn 
Taylor, Budget Manager and Assistant to the 
Dean; Melissa Kelly, Administrative Assistant. 

Above, L-R: Sadie Hannula, 
Associate Registrar; Dennis Scimeca, 
Manager of Online Services; Sharon 
Roberts, Administrative Assistant; 
Donna Dolan, Registrar; Brenna 
Strassner, Assistant Registrar; Sharon 
Noonan, Assistant Registrar; Anna 
Cottrell, Information Specialist. 
Right, L-R: Palwasha Mirbacha, 
'08; Elizabeth Pierce, Director of 
Leadership and First-Year Programs; 
Mariam Jalalzada, '09; President Dan 
Cheever , Susan Chudd, Assistant 
Director of Leadership and First- Year 
Programs; Adela Raz, '08. 


Majors: Political 
Science and 

"My favorite 

Simmons memory is Shower Fest 

2005, when seven of my friends and 

got into the Mesick shower to prove 

that you could in fact have a 16-legged 


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Africana Studies 

L-R: Dawna Thomas, Christina 
Brinkley, Theresa Perry. 

Not pictured: Janie Ward. 

Art & Music 

L-R: Gregory Slowik, Wendy 
Seller, Joyce Cohen, Colleen 
Kiely, Bob Oppenheim. 

Not pictured: Margaret Hanni, 
Vaughn Sills, Edith Bresler. 


Front row, L-R: Anne Goodwin, 
Tracy Machcinski, Bruce Gray. 
Second row, L-R: Vladimir 
Douhovnikhoff, Jyl Richards, 
Jane Lopilato, Elizabeth Scott, 
Connie Chow, Vicki Galloway, 
Mary Owen. 


L-R: Michael Kaplan, Leonard 
Soltzberg, Richard Gurney. 

Not pictured: Nancy Lee, 
Jennifer Canfield, Michael Berger. 


Front row, L-R: Kerrin Dowling, 
Briana Martino, Judy Richland, 
Judith Aronson, Ellen Grabiner, 
Vonda Powell, Alison Whitehead, 
Alissa Miller. Second row, L-R: 
Edward Vieira, Sarah Burrows, 
James Corcoran, Dan Connell, 
Joan Abrams, Sid Berger. 

Not pictured: Bob White. 

Computer Science 

& Information 


L-R: Nanette Veilleux, Bruce Tis, 
Margaret Menzin. 

Not pictured: Israel Bonan. 

East Asian Studies 

L-R: Niloufer Sohrabji, Alister 
Inglis, Zhigang Liu, Masato 

General Education and 
Special Education 

Front row, L-R: Maryellen Cunnion, 
Lyndy Johnson, Madalaine Pugliese, 
Elizabeth Fleming. Second row, 
L-R: Jane Hardin, Helen Guttentag, 
Gary Oakes, Paul Abraham, Theresa 
Perry. Third row, L-R: Allan Blume, 
Michael Dorsey, Jill Taylor, Michael 

Not pictured: Suzanne Foley, Ellen 
Davidson, Janet Chumley, Kellie 
Jones, Janie Ward, Charles Cormier. 


Front row, L-R: Renee Bergland, 
Pamela Bromberg, Doug Perry, 
Lowry Pei, Kelly Hager. Second 
row, L-R: Cathryn Mercier, 
Sheldon George, Richard 
Wollman, Afaa Weaver. 

Not pictured: David Gullette, 
Burlin Barr. 


* * 

1%B"G ■-. 


Rft£ - 

V ' U ' 

■ ■ 


J w .w m 

""-.s, .< 



B| sCs 



«*";* ■: % " P^:: : 

.' : '- : 

F- ^ ^ 






L-R: Zhigang Liu, Sarah Leonard, 
Laura Prieto, Nuran Cinlar. 

Not pictured: Kate Larson. 


Front row, L-R: Bonita Betters- 
Reed, Lynda Moore, Bruce 
Warren. Second row, L-R: Susan 
Sampson, Vipin Gupta, Catherine 
Hurst, Mindy Nitkin. 

Not pictured: Patricia Clarke. 



L-R: Michael Brown, Robert 

Goldman, Donna Beers, 

Margaret Menzin, David 
'' Novak, David Browder. 


Front row, L-R: Patricia White, Charlene 
Berube, Terry Buttaro, Linda Moniz, 
Kathleen Benedetti. Second row, L-R: 
Janet Rico, Eileen McCee, Judy Beal, 
Priscilla Cazarian, Sarah Volkman, 
Karen Teeley, Jocelyn Loftus, Terry 
Davies, Colette Dieujuste, Susan Neary. 
Not pictured: Josephine Atinaja-Faller, 
Anne-Marie Barron, Victor Bell, Jean 
Christofferson, Margaret Costello, 
Rebecca Donohue, Susan Duty, 
Angela Patterson, Patricia Rissmiller, 
Julie Steller. 

Modern Languages 
and Literatures 

Front row, L-R: Florence Ciret- 
Strecker, Mister Inglis, Eduardo 
Febles. Second row, L-R: Mary 
Jane Treacy, Dolores Pelaez- 
Benitez, Marta Villar. Third row: 
Zhigang Liu. 

Not pictured: Louise Cohen, 
Michael Colvin, Raquel Halty. 


Front row, L-R: Nancie Herbold, 
Elizabeth Metallinos-Katsaras. 
Second row, L-R: Janet 
Washington, Teresa Fung, Sari 


Physical Therapy 

Front Row, L-R: Anne-Marie 
Dupre, Lynn Foord-May, Lisa 
Rosmann. Back Row, L-R: Clare 
Safran- Norton, Alexis Rush, 
Dianejette, Stephanie Johnson, 
Sabriyah al Mazeedi. 

Not pictured: Shelley Coodgold. 


L-R: Margret Walsh, Wanda 
Torres Gregory, Jo Trigilio, Sue 

Not pictured: Diane Raymond 


L-R: Michael Kaplan, Velda 
Goldberg, Patrickjohnson 

Political Science 

and International 


L-R: Nikolaos Biziouras, Kirk 
James Beattie, Leanne Doherty, 
Cheryl Welch, Zachary Abuza. 

Not pictured: Walter Carrington. 



L-R: Geoffrey Turner, Melinda L 
Crowley, Rachel Calli, Ellen 
Wright, John Reeder, Barbara 

Not pictured: Lynissa Stokes. 



L-R: Stephen London, Christina 
Brinkleyjyoti Puri, Ellen Borges, 
Valerie Leiter, Anna Sandoval. 

Not pictured: Becky Thompson. 

Women's Studies 

L-R: Mary Jane Treacy, Dawna 
Thomas, Jill Taylor, Carole 
Biewener, Jo Trigilio. 


What's Going on at Simmons? 

Some of the Exceptional Things Students Are Doing 

In the spring of 2.006, Jen Lawther, Leigh 

Friguglietti, Jackie Furlone, Stephanie Williams, 

Sarah Tucker and Jessica Rudis, a group of 

students enrolled in Environmental Ethics 

and Principles of Macroeconomics, worked with 

the college-wide Sustainability Committee 

to begin a campus sustainability assessment. 

These students looked at two areas of the 

college, curriculum and operations, to 

evaluate the ways that issues of ecological and 

social sustainability are worked into our 

classrooms and our institutional practices. Based 

on their research, they plan to make informed 

and conscientious recommendations to the 

Simmons community about how we can 

all be a little "greener." 
L-R: Jen Lawther, Leigh Friguglietti, Jackie Furlone, Stephanie Williams. Not 

pictured: Sarah Tucker and Jessica Rudis. 

Two seniors, Christine Franey and Sarah Lupa, did independent study projects with Professor Donna Beers that they 
presented at the 50th anniversary meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America, 
held at the University of New Hampshire on November 18-19, 2005. 

Christine Franey, a senior who is double-majoring in mathematics and chemistry, gave a presentation, 
"Mathematics and Cryptology." She highlighted the history of making and breaking secret codes from the Roman Empire 
to World War II. She also described its latest applications in protecting national security and in ensuring the 
confidentiality of individuals' financial and health records. Her research covered concepts from number theory and 
modern algebra that form the foundation for encryption and decryption systems, and she described two of the 
latest areas of cryptography: stenography and quantum cryptography. 

Sarah Lupa, a senior who is double-majoring in mathematics and education, gave a presentation entitled, "Mathematics 
Education: The Rally for Change and the Aftermath." Noting that American fourth and eighth graders have performed at 
a mediocre level on recent international math exams, as compared to children in China and Japan, Sarah's research centered 
on uncovering the reasons why. Using video analysis, she compared the U.S. with China and Japan in the following 
areas of mathematics education: pedagogy, lesson plan study, and curriculum. She also addressed the question: Sixteen 
years after the call for change in U.S. math instruction, how does mathematics education fare, and where do we go from here? 

Christine Franey presents at UNH. Sarah Lupa presents at UNH. 

Abigail Houle 

Abigail completed her language requirement at Simmons by taking 
French for two semesters, 201 and 202. Her interest in Chinese language 
and culture led to her electing to take a semester of Chinese as well. She 
decided that she wanted to go to China to continue her studies. She is 
studying Mandarin and Chinese society in Beijing with China Educational 
Tours for the spring 2006 semester. She plans on counting her experience 
toward both an East Asian studies and possible International Relations 

Left: Jen Larsen. 
Right: Abigail Houle. 

Jennifer Larsen '06 

Jen is a French major who spent all of her junior year abroad in Paris, France. 
During her senior year, she worked as an intern at the French Library and 
Cultural Center of Boston. Working in the Education Department, she had 
the chance to aide teachers of French as a Foreign Language. In the future, 
she looks forward to a career in which she can combine her love of travel, her 
passion for France, and her devotion to education. 

Seniors Katie England, Jessica Griffin, Stephanie Lau, and Remma Sarkisova aced their MCMT 390 senior 
capstone seminar with a business plan for "spa kits for sophisticated pups." Pawzitively Pampered grew out of their 
industry research which unearthed a segment of "pet parents", pet owners who do not have children at home and want 
to "pamper their pooch". Jessica described the experience as "helping us connect together all of our management 
courses into real experience writing a professional business plan. It was a lot of work, and took a lot of commitment, 
but we felt a huge sense of accomplishment and pride once the project was completed." 

Seniors Jeannine Foley, 
Marcy Keddy, Basia Szul, 
Donna DeFilippo and Kathy 
Chaurasiya have been working 
for over a year in Dr. Gray's lab 
studying the cellular and 
molecular mechanisms that 
underlie Alzheimer's Disease. 
They are working toward 
understanding the mechanism 
by which the AB peptide, a 
protein in the brain, affects 
Alzheimer's even before 
symptoms are experienced. 
The students presented their 
research in November 2005 
at the annual Society for 
Neuroscience Convention in 
Washington, D.C. 

Front row, L-R: Jeannine Foley, Kathy Chaurasiya, Basia Szul. Second row, L-R: Marcy Keddy, 
Dr. Bruce Cray, Donna DeFilippo. 15 

Mae Ercolani '06 

During the summer of 2005, 
Mae worked as a researcher at the 
National Institute for Adult 
Continuing Education in Leicester, 
UK. She wrote fifteen literature 
reviews and analyzed survey results 
in support of research about 
England's digital divide. As an 
intern for. Boston's Clean Air 
Task Force in fall 2005, Mae 
researched and wrote a report on 
agricultural-production methane- 
emission abatement using EPA 
and other web sites. She worked 
as a writing assistant for Professor 
Aoki's Money & Banking course 
in fall 2005. She majored in 
economics and minored in 
Katherine Leite '06 finance and received the Fleet 

Katherine says that during her four years at Simmons, many experiences have Bank/Bank of America Franklin 
contributed to her evolution into the woman she is today. She can not H. Putnam Scholarship and the 
conceive that such a transformation would, or could, have come about Economics Liaison Book Award 
without her immersion into an authentic work environment through the for superior writing, 
year-long Fieldwork in Psychology course. What came from her 

work at Gateway, a facility in Brookline where she was able to work closely with artists who have mental 
and/or physical illnesses, shattered any expectation she had at the beginning. She found herself confronted with 
many new challenges and was a bit surprised at her initiative to face them head-on, taking slow but persistent steps 
toward resolving whatever issues arose. Looking beyond a good grade or an impressive addition to her resume, she 
was able, for the first time, to appreciate herself as a valuable asset to the society in which she lives. For Katherine, 
it remains an indescribable feeling to have the confidence and the driving desire to take an active role in steering 
society in a direction that embraces tolerance, and celebrates, rather than ignores, the differences and unique potential 
residing in all human beings. 

Joy Kogut'06 

Joy is a senior who is double-majoring in mathematics and 
psychology. She spent two consecutive summers participating 
in Research Experiences for Undergraduate (REU) programs 
funded by the National Science Foundation. In her summer 
2004 REU at Lafayette College, Joy helped to create a game 
that extends the Instant Insanity Came. She and her teammates 
gave a presentation, "The n-cubed cubes problem", at the 
Joint Meetings of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and 
the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) held in Atlanta 
in January, 2005. In summer 2005, Joy participated in an REU at 
the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where she worked to model 
the invasive bull thistle in Nebraska. She gave a presentation, 
"Modeling Invasive Species", in an Undergraduate Student Poster 
Session at the Joint Meetings of the AMS and the MAA held in 
San Antonio in January, 2006. Joy was selected for the prestigious 
Budapest Semester program and spent fall 2005 pursuing studies 
in advanced mathematics in Budapest, Hungary. 



Ashley Provencher '06 

Ashley, double majoring in economics and mathematics, gained 
extensive experience in the working world before graduating. She 
held two internships during the summer of 2005. She interned at Insta 
Trac, a small legislative company that reports new from the 
Massachusetts State House. She also interned with The Massachusetts 
Taxpayers Foundation and wrote the annual Municipal Financial 
Report that details the economic state of the Commonwealth 
and its 351 municipalities. In the fall of 2005, she held an internship 
with the National Bureau for Economic Research. Her research 
project examined the impact of Title IX on high school girls. In 
the spring of 2006, she interned at the Boston Federal Reserve 
Bank in their New England Center for Public Policy. In addition, she 
served as a study group leader for Principles of Microeconomics 
and maintained a position on the Dean's List every semester. 

Maria Granada '06 

During the summer of 2005, Maria interned 
at Lockheed Martin in Burlington, MA. 
Her main project integrated Google 
Maps with a military simulation program 
that Lockheed had developed. It was a 
prototype of an application that will 
eventually allow different branches of 
the military to access via the Web the 
current locations of active units and/or 
targets with a user-friendly web interface. It could 
also be modified for non-military 
applications; for example, to track teams 
in expeditions that have transmitted their 
longitude and latitude coordinates with 
readily available portable GPS devices. 

Right: On December 7, 2005, four creative 
teams in Dr. Ed Vieira's advertising 
class presented their safety footwear 
advertising campaign plansbooks via 
videoconference to the client in Italy. 
In attendance in Italy were the company 
CEO and his marketing communication 
staff. There were also participants in 
France and China. Global participants 
were displayed on screen while Simmons' 
students presented their outstanding 
creative strategies and magazine 
layouts. Each team presented for 20 
minutes followed by a 10 minute Q&A 

L-R: Ashley Ferrara '07, Marleen Marino '06, Rachel Shafman '07, and Michelle 
Rafalik '06 present their ad campaign entitled, "Elevating AboutBlu," which promoted 
the premium Hard & Light line of safety footwear. 

L-R: Amanda Arkins '06 and Lily Strauss-Matathia '07 present their 
entitled, "Cutting Edge Consistency for Day-to-Day Life," which advertised 
the ladies' line of safety footwear. 

ad campaign 
Lady Explora, 


Raquel Halty 

Modern Languages 
and Literatures 

Some of the curricular 

hallmarks of a 

Simmons education 

are the Multicultural 

Core Course, the 

integration of the 

liberal arts and the professional programs, the 

emphasis on interdisciplinary programs, and the 

Independent Learning requirement. In personal 

terms, it encourages young women to grow 

intellectually, to be engaged and to. apply the 

theories they learn to solve problems that exist 

beyond the academy. Simmons empowers young 

women to become strong and effective leaders in 

their professions and communities. 

Students at Simmons take their academic lives very seriously, 
whether they are studying for a practical in a biology lab, 
discussing a topic from class over a cup of coffee from Java 
City, writing a paper for MCC until three o'clock in the 
morning or traveling to San Diego to present their chemical 









* .? 


>y / 

>** ( :o**vo< A * 



2005 Orientation Leaders 

Kathleen Fitzgerald '07 - Chair 

Julie Bolduc '06 

Kari Fitch '06 

Annie Hughes '06 

Sara Moore '06 

Pam Thompson '06 

Yan Yan Yii '06 

Jackie Furlone '07 

Jacqui Lantagne '07 

Beth McTieman '07 

Melissa Pulkkinen '07 

Bridget Batchelder '08 

Megan Currie '08 

Nicole Field '08 

Heather Foley '08 

Kathleen Peters '08 

Leora Rifkin '08 

Carolyn Swanhall '08 

'1 loved introducing 
Simmons to the first- 
years and showing them 
that Simmons has so 
much to offer" 

-Nicole Field 

On September 4, 2005, 497 first- 
year students arrived on the 
Simmons residence campus eager 
to begin their college experience at 
Simmons. New resident students 
arrived in the morning, and the 
Street Team, dressed in their 
signature orange shirts, helped 
move dorm necessities such as 
lamps, mattress pads, pillows and 
refrigerators into the rooms. After 
the students were settled into their 
rooms, commuter students checked 

After all new students were on 
campus, President Cheever, Dean 
Murphy, and SCA President Andrea 
Glover welcomed the students and 
their families to campus. Following 
the College Welcome, families said 
good-bye and new students 
continued with the orientation 


„, C0»<=S e Undergraduate 
c^ , XT , af '°" 

> t0NeW % 



From Digging In to 
Soaring to New Heights 

The Class of 2006 started "digging in" 
to life at Simmons in 2002 with 
Orientation Leaders Diane Au, Kristen 
Connor, Holly Ann Daly, Alison Frenz, 
Laura Horst, Linda Hubbard, Courtney 
Pattee, Gerri Pozez, Alexis Randell, 
Jennifer Ross, Monica Rothwell, and 
Meryl Smith and Orientation Chair Joanna 

This fall, the Class of 2009 began 
"soaring to new heights." 

Honors Convocation 

On September 14, 2005, classes were cancelled for 
a portion of the day so students and faculty could 
attend Simmons' annual Honors Convocation in the 
Holmes Sports Center. 

The event's keynote speaker, Sarah Sentilles, is 
the author of "Taught By America: A Story of 
Hope and Struggle in Compton." She spoke of 
her struggles as an elementary teacher in 
Compton, California, and told the Class of 2006 
that they too can make in a difference in the 
world through their chosen professions. 

During this ceremony, students from the Class of 
2006 were inducted into Academy, the College's 
honor society, and students who made the Dean's 
List for Spring 2005 were recognized for their 


Faculty and seniors gathered 
in the Trustman Gallery to 
socialize and celebrate the 
beginning of the year. The 
room was overflowing with 
students and faculty as 
Professor Steven London gave 
the keynote address and the 
toast. In the hallway, the 
senior class council sold Class 
of 2006 sweatshirts. 

Above, front: Heather Strauch. 

Back row, L-R: Jacqueline Anderson, 

Kara Foley, Marleen Marino, Shanna 


Left: Students and faculty gather in 

the Trustman Gallery. 

Right: Alyssa DiPasquale. 

Far right: Allison Shapiro, Class of 

2006 President, makes remarks. 

Robyn Crampton and Taryn Snyder. Ashley Benaroya, Julie Bolduc, Shari Benson. 

Senior-Faculty Toast ] 

Christina Cozza and Evan Kuhlman. Allison Shapiro, Rob Lavender, Gilian Gitchell. 

Professor Stephen London gives the 
keynote address and toast. 

Lauren Hendriks 
Class of 2006 
Vice President 
Majors: Integrated 
Media and Public 
Relations and 

The part of the event I enjoyed the most 
was having an opportunity to interact with 
the faculty outside of a classroom setting. 
It was very rewarding to see the amount 
of people who attended to celebrate the 
start of their senior year. 

Latino Heritage Month 

Latino Heritage Month celebrates the culture, traditions and 
accomplishments of United States residents who trace their 
roots to Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking nations of 
Central America, South America and the Caribbean. 

The library created a display of books by Latino authors and 
books on Latino culture. 

Events included a Latino Heritage Month kick-off dessert 
reception with speaker Denise De La Cruz, a cake cutting 
ceremony and culture exposition, a salsa night in the Holmes 
Dance Studio, the Latino Night of the Arts and Celebration 
Dinner during Family Weekend and keynote address "Latino 
Identity: A Journey Toward Wholeness" by speaker Elizabeth 

La Organizacion Latinoamericana (OLA) planned, organized 
and staffed the events, including cutting the cake, hosting the 
Night of the Arts, serving dinner and much more. 

Above: Dancers from Ritmos Academy Perform at the Latino 
Night of the Arts and Celebration Dinner. 
Below, L-R: Ciannina Santos, Ana Caldera, Kristina Harris, 
Margarita Diaz, Karina Rocchio and Katie Williams at the 
cake cutting. 

Dancers from Ritmos Denise De La Cruz spoke 

Academy perform at the at Simmons during the 

Latino Night of the Arts Latino Heritage Month 

and Celebration Dinner. kick-off dessert reception. 

Left, L-R: Gloria Hernandez, 
Giannina Santos and Ana 

Right, L-R: Monica Nasser, 
Lindsay Usher and Kristina 
Harris serve guests at the 
Celebration Dinner. 

Left, L-R: Nadia Insanally, 
Giannina Santos, Gloria 
Hernandez and Margarita Diaz 
at the cake cutting. 

Right, L-R: Katie Williams, 
Giannina Santos and Nadia 
I Insanally serve dinner to 
W guests. 

BSO Events: 

Black Alumnae/i Symposium 
and Sister Circle 

Above, L-R, Top Row: Schebania Cherilus., Helena Fils, Rashonda 
Ambrose, Tony Price, Darline Tunis, Cina Patterson, Charlene Hollins, 
Bottom Row: Tigisti Kidane, Kimberlee Henry at the Symposium; 
Below, Left: Cameo Dawson; Below, Right: Schebania Cherilus. 

Above, L-R: Cina Patterson, President Cheever 
and Helena Fils at the Sister Circle. 

Below, L-R, Top Row: Kerline St. Fleur, Jessica 
Aiken, Sasha DuBois, President Cheever, Gina 
Patterson, Alexandria Carithers, Regine Theodat, 
Helena Fils, Bottom Row: Schebania Cherilus, 
Pamela Thompson, Darline Tunis and Charlene 
Hollins at the Black Alumnae/i Symposium. 

Above: 2005-2006 BSO Executive Board. 

Below, L-R: Charlene Hollins, Harriet Elam Thomas, Regine Theodat, Alexandria 

Carithers, Schebania Cherilus and Mallory Brown at the Symposium. 

The Black Alumnae/i Symposium 

April 7 - 10, 2005 

The conference recaptured the power 
and presence of Black women from the 
past, present and future at Simmons 
College. This gathering united alumnae/i, 
current students and faculty in workshops 
and peer mentoring with a focus on 
historical achievements. The symposium 
covered issues pertinent to black 
women and also provided foreground 
for the progression of black women in the 
Simmons community. 

Sister Circle 

September 12, 2005 

New students met upperclasswomen in a 
positive, motivational and enlightening 
way. This joyous celebration welcomed 
new students to both Simmons College 
and to the Black Student Organization. 
This exemplified the unity of women 
through social exercises and provided 
advice for incoming freshmen on 
academics and first-year experiences. 

Above, L-R: Ashley Berry, Pamela Thompson and 
Jasmine Steele at the Sister Circle. Below: Sasha 
DuBois and Jessica Aiken at the Sister Circle. 


Simmons Community Outreach hosted the 11th 
annual Safe Halloween Party and 2nd annual 
Quadside Haunted House this year, which 
provides local elementary school students a 
safe environment for Halloween activities. 
Students from two local elementary schools 
who are connected with Simmons students 
through the America Reads, America Counts, 
and Farragut After School programs are invited 
to the Simmons campus to celebrate Halloween. 

Not only does this event provide a 
safe atmosphere for children who live 
in neighborhoods where trick-or- 
treating is too dangerous, but it also 
brings the Simmons community 
together for an all-around good time. 

Justine DeLuca 



The Safe Halloween Party is the event I 
most look forward to over all my other 
social and academic activities. This year's 
party was the most fun I've had for 
Halloween since I was a little kid. The 
laughter and spirit that came alive on 
campus made it unforgettable." 

Safe Halloween 

This year, over 15 student 
organizations hosted party tables 
in Alumnae Hall with activities 
ranging from face painting to goo ]g 
bowls. Intermediately, groups 
ventured out to go trick-or- 
treating at the dorms, and stopped 
by Quadside for the Haunted 
House. The party ended with 
scary stories read by Professor 
Bob White. 

The Family Weekend Committee planned a weekend that 
was full of events from start to finish. About two hundred fifty 
families participated this year. 

During the day on Friday, family members were invited to 
! sit in on their students' classes. On Friday evening, there 
were Shabbat services and a kosher Shabbat -dinner 
sponsored by Hillel. Families wished good luck to the crew 
team in Quadside at the Head of the Charles Crew 
Reception. Later, Dave Binder entertained families with a 
performance of James Taylor's music, entitled " Fire and Rain." 

Saturday brought an entire day of events, starting with a Parents' 
Council meeting in the morning. Faculty gave a lecture series on a 
variety of topics, ranging from their own research to what students are 
studying in classes. There was a PFLAG meeting and a Spiritual Life 
open house before the tailgate lunch to support the field hockey, 
soccer and volleyball teams. Families cheered on Simmons athletes 
on the Winsor Fields and in the Holmes Sports Center gym. Despite 
terrible weather, the field hockey team won against Lasell, the 
soccer team won against Southern Vermont, and the volleyball team 
won against Daniel Webster and lost to Suffolk. 

Families cruised Boston Harbor on the Spirit of Boston before 
choosing to attend dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy or the Latino Night 
of the Arts and Celebration Dinner at Simmons. They then had the 
option of seeing "Tuesdays with Morrie" at the Colonial Theatre or 
"60's Rock - When the Music Mattered" with rock historian Barry Drake 
in Alumnae Hall. 

On Sunday, families joined President Cheever at the Westin Copley 
I Place for the traditional President's Brunch. 


'"'ty Weekend 

Family Weekend 

Witches' Brew 


■■■■■-■■■ ■■■■- ■-■ :. ■■ .;: ■: ,■ ■:■ . . . , 
■ : : ■ ■ ■ -. .... 



[ m^ wit 


; ^.' 





Above, L-R: Liz Parker, Cilian Citchell, Allison Shapiro, 
Leslie Doerr, Leah Ross. 

Top Right, L-R: Laura Buermann, Laura Lasher, Debbie 
Melton. Arrrrr! G'day, and beware the rubber chicken! 
Middle Right, L-R: Andrea Glover, Alexis Ambrogio and 
Evan Kuhlman relaxing on the couch. 

Below, L-R: Beth Rubinstein, Ashley Marshall, Christiane 
Nickel, Lori Caideroni, Lily Williams, Brandie Whitman. 

The Senior Class Council 
sponsored a social gathering 
during Halloween weekend. 
Seniors gathered in the Evans 
Hall living room and shared 
some Witches' Brew. Some 
came in costume and some 
did not, but everyone had a 
chance to take a break from 
obligations, relax and socialize 
with fellow seniors. 

Clockwise from left: Diana Ouellette, Lauren 
Hendriks, Alison Bergeron, Jessy McCarthy, 
Heather Strauch. 

L-R: Billie Schwartz, Robin Crampton, Lauren Hendriks, Anne Jasinowski, Allison 
Shapiro, Kelly Casey, Sara Moore. 


The Crucible 

By Arthur Miller 

Directed by Jennifer Madden 

Amy Eicher 

Aveva Mack 

Jes Maxfield 

Far Left: Sarah Cusky and Kathryn Ott; Left: 
Alexis Renwanz and Emma Young; Above, L-R: Ott, 
Shannon Brown, Emma Harrington, 
Stephanie Fisherman, Ceslyn Dasse, Rose Moore, 
Shannon Farrell. 




|Jk r 


Left: Aveva Mack and Sarah Gusky; Above 
Left, L-R: Cusky, Kathryn Ott, Emma Young, 
Stephanie Fisherman, Sabrina Mahmood; 
Above Right, L-R: Mahmood, Megan 
McCaughey, Rose Moore, and Ceslyn 
Dasse; Right, L-R: Mack, Kaitlin Caulfield, Amy 
Eicher. Below, L-R: Nicole "Junior" Sylvia, Mack, 
Caulfield, Emma Harrington, Catie Shea, Lizzie 
Hutchinson, Claire Moynihan, Alexis Renwanz. 

Above, L-R: Sabrina Mahmood as Reverend 
Hale, Kathryn Ott as John Proctor, 
Stephanie Fisherman as Giles Corey and 
Alexis Renwanz as Mr. Cheever. 

Left: Amber Dawson and Leah Hanson; Katelyn Ramaci and 
Dawson; Above, L-R: Beth Giana, Dawson, Ramaci, Hanson, 
Leigh Fought, Alyson Heimer, Matt Bencivengo. 

Suddenly Last Summer 

By Tennessee Williams 

Directed by Alyson Heimer 

When Mrs. Venable's 
son died suddenly last 
summer, her niece 
Catharine was the only 
witness to it. However, 
the truth becomes 
increasingly disturbing 
as the story comes out. 

Left: Director, Alyson C. Heimer; 
Above: Leigh Fought as Mrs. 
Venable; Leah Hanson as Dr. Sugar. 

Above: Beth Giana and Katelyn 
Ramaci; Below: Leight Fought as 
Mrs. Venable and Beth Giana as 
Sister Felicity. Right: Cast and Crew. 

Winter Wonderland 

Winter Wonderland encompasses the 
traditional Bartol meal, the hall decorating 
competition for Simmons Cup and the 
Festival of Lights holiday tradition-sharing 

While first-year students decorate Bartol 
for the yearly event, the hall councils 
decorate for judging with lights, presents, 
signs, sparkles and tinsel. Mesick Hall won. 

Not only is Bartol most glamorous on 
this night, but it is also extremely busy. A 
large part of the Simmons community 
shows up for the event. Residents, 
commuters, faculty and staff all attend to 
enjoy what is arguably the favorite and 
best-attended meal of the year. President 
Cheever and his wife, Sue Stasiowski, carve 
the turkey while a jazz band plays and 
students decorate gingerbread cookies. An 
ice sculpture (a penguin this year) oversees 
the event. 

■'—'■■ -*w 


Kate Diamond 



"There is a certain coziness about 
Dan Cheever and his wife carving 
turkey; it's sad to think this was 
his last year. It is also the one; 
day a year when the 'Bartol smell' 
is not present." 


At their winter concert, the Sirens 
performed arrangements of songs 
by Wilson Phillips, Fiona Apple, Jqjo, 
Averi, Patti Smith, Tina Turner, 
Britney Spears, Alanis Morissette, 
Guster, Barenaked Ladies, Sheryl 
Crow and Annie Lennox. 

Elizabeth Crew 


Major: Political 

What drew you to a cappella 

" I like to sing in the shower, and I'd 
never done it before, so I thought 
I'd try it." 

The Sirens Winter Concert 

The Sirens, the only a cappella group at Simmons, have a long-standing 
tradition of winter concerts. As shown below right, they create posters, 
called "psych-ups," to encourage each other. They hang the posters 
on the wall in Alumnae Hall for the performance. 


The Simmons Soiree was held at the Boston Harbor Hotel on February 
11, and the ambiance of a Masquerade was the theme of the evening. 
Guests were whisked away to the event on elegant limo buses, and they 
enjoyed the fun party atmosphere even before arriving. CAB began 
planning for this event in September and offered an elegant venue for 
the Simmons community. As guests enjoyed a view of the Boston Harbor, 
hors d'oeuvres and desserts were served. A photographer was present 
to take both candid and staged pictures, as Simmons students 
decorated the room with festive masks. 

K m\ W ^m 

■ ^^ 

1 '"" 

^1 ^MT 'ML 

^^Ljki ' Jte " 

WaK- ^Jl 

- H 



rl . 


j / M 


Jessica White 


Major: Public 
Relations and 

My favorite aspects of the Soiree this 
year were the location and theme. The 
two went together so well and truly 
complimented each other. Everything 
was so beautiful and elegant, which 
created a wonderful atmosphere. 


3 Kristen Fucarile 

5 Elza Mathieu 

10 Christina Aldrich 

13 Jazmin Steele 

20 Lindsey Piirainen 

23 Shavel Loungs 

25 Sarah-Jo Roberts 

32 Ashley Berry 

34 Sarah Clayton 

35 Lauren Kreckie 
40 Jennifer Caron 

44 Jenna DeVito 

45 Emily Owens 
50 Kristen Lucek 
53 Kristine Lucas 
55 Nicole Cohen 

Head Coach: Tony Price 
(6th season) 
Assistant Coach: 
Kristen Roberts 
(4th season) 
Assistant Coach: 
Katherine Greene 
(1st season) 
Manager: Kate Bird 
Captains: Jen Caron, 
Kristen Lucek 



? i 

.' '-■. FF-^ 

Simmons Basketball Shoots to New Heights 

This season, the Simmons basketball team showed that hard 
work and dedication lead to success. During their regular season, 
the Sharks finished 11-13 overall and 5-5 in GNAC. The Sharks' 
intense efforts were well recognized. Senior forward Kristen Lucek 
achieved a milestone on February 11 against Southern Vermont 
as she reached her 1,000th career rebound. While being a great 
personal accomplishment for Lucek, her 1,000th rebound is also 
a Simmons record: she is the first Shark with such an achievement. 
Lucek was also announced as both the ECAC Player of the Week 
and GNAC Player of the Week. Through these awards, she was 
recognized for her game high of 19 rebounds, and career high 
and new school record of 36 points, shooting 10-20 from the field, 
4-5 from three point land and 12-12 from the line. 


34 Photos courtesy of the Sports Center. 

Senior point guard Kristen Fucarile broke the 
Simmons career assist record, defeating the . 
previous record of 304 assists. She broke the ; 
record by making 6 assists in a game against 


Rowing on the Charles 

The Simmons crew team rows every weekday morning on the Charles River. 
The team has two levels, varsity and novice; the varsity level races in 
competitions while the novice team works to perfect their rowing 
techniques. At Simmons, crew is the only two season sport and runs an 
unofficial and official season; the unofficial season runs for 7 weeks in the 
fall while the official season runs for 12 weeks in the spring. During the 
months of fall and spring, the Sharks practice out of the Riverside 
boathouse located on the Charles River, which is less than a mile from 
the Simmons campus. However, during the winter months, the team 
practices at the Holmes Sports Center using indoor rowing tanks. The 
most important competition for the Simmons Crew Team occurs each 
October as they compete in the Head of the Charles Regatta; this regatta 
is the largest in the world and allows the Sharks to compete against teams 
from around the world. This year, Simmons took 7th out of 17 in the 
Collegiate Four at the Head of the Charles. At the Textile River Regatta, 
the novice rowers took 7th of 9 in the Women's Eight Novice, and the 
varsity rowers placed 14th out of 30 in the Women's Eight Club. 

Spring Roster: 

Whitney Airgood 
Jennifer DuBois 
Cristina Flores 
Rachel Franchi 
Ashley Kissam 
Catherine Murphy 
Olivia Pires 
Nicole Richards 
Catalina Rojo 
Elisabeth Schwarz 
Lauren Searls 
Fay Stambuk 
Meghan Stewart 
Regina Yopak 

Head Coach: Nik Kurmakov 
Novice Coach: Emily Greten 
Captains: Nicole Richards, 
Meghan Stewart 

Principal photography, Len Rubenstein. Images courtesy of the Office of the Vice President for Marketing. 35 

Field Hockey 

2 Deborah Gabrielse 

3 Natasha Cote 

4 Laura Freed man 

5 Sarah Bertin 

6 SamanthaSmith 

7 Kim Lindsey 

8 Elizabeth Hennigan 

9 Cammy Keiler 

10 Sarah Woodbury 

11 Julia Clark 

12 Ann Marie Talarico 

14 Katie Bonney 

15 Danielle O'Neill 

17 Diana Magner 

18 Kristen Lucek 

19 Lindsey Clement 

20 Tanya Rego 

21 Jillian McCarthy 
51 Meredith Susi 

Head Coach: Jennifer Starek (2nd Season) 
Assistant Coach: Elizabeth Novis (2nd Season) 
Captains: Julia Clark, Deborah Gabrielse, 
Tanya Rego 

f It 

3t Bmww '•• «w jfc. ;>'' 

Simmons Field Hockey Drives to Success 

The team finished the season 13-7 overall and 7-2 in the North Atlantic Conference 
(NAC). Highlights of the Sharks' triumphant season include wins over regional 
powerhouses Wheaton College and Becker College.As their season came to an end, the 
Sharks placed second in the NAC Championship Tournament. However, in the semi-final 
round, the team fell to University of Maine-Farmington in overtime. The Sharks were the 
No. 5 seed in the Eastern College Athletic Conference Tournament. In this tournament, 
the Sharks beat Fitchburg State College 3-0, leading them to the semifinals; the victory 
against Fitchburg marked the team's first ECAC post-season win. In the semi-finals, the 
Sharks faced Wellesley College and fell short in overtime with a final score of 3-2. Overall, 
Simmons had a marvelous season and plenty of post-season honors. Several players 
were recognized for their superb abilities: senior Tanya Rego earned NAC Player of the 
Week, NAC Player of the Year post-season. She was named to the NAC All-Conference 
Championship Tournament team, NAC Player of the Year, and 2005 National 
Field Hockey Coaches Association Division III All-American Regional First Team. 
Rego was the first Simmons player to be selected to the NFCA National All-Star 
team. Junior Kim Lindsey joined Rego on the NAC All-Conference Championship 
Tournament Team. Senior Deb Gabrielse and freshman Elizabeth Hennigan 
were named to the NAC All Conference Team. 



36 Photos courtesy of the Sports Center. 

Simmons Soccer Meets Its Coal 

The Simmons Sharks had a victorious season as they finished 16-3-1 overall and 10-1-1 
in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference (CNAC) -- best in the conference. During 
their regular season, the Sharks captured the Wellesley Invitational Tournament, 
defeating two NCAA tournament qualifying teams. After this victory, the Sharks 
went on to win 10 of their next 12 games, leading them to become #1 in the country 
for scoring. They continued their success and earned the honor of CNAC regular 
season champions and top seed in the GNAC Championship Tournament. In the 
first round of the tournament, Simmons defeated Albertus Magnus College 11-0. In 
the semifinals, Simmons faced Johnson & Wales University; in an intense game, the 
Sharks lost 2-4. The Sharks earned a #1 seed in the ECAC Championship Tournament, 
a first for Simmons Athletics. In the quarterfinal round, the Sharks faced St. 
Joseph' s College (CT); during this game, sophomore Tina Aldrich scored the game's 
only goal. In the semifinals, the Sharks traveled to Keene State College, where they fell 
2-0. The team's success is exemplified by its honors: four players were selected to 
be on the GNAC All-Conference Team. Junior Nicole Zielinski, CNAC Player of the Year, 
led the team and the NCAA Division III in points with 21 goals and 13 assists, seniors 
Katie England and Jocelyn Newell, and junior Sarah McDougal were all recognized for 
their excellent playing abilities. Additionally, Simmons had two players named 
to the GNAC All-Tournament Team: senior Jocelyn Newell and freshman 
Kristen Zielinski. 



Kathleen Taglieri 


Laura Doran 


Sarah Danforth 


Sarah Daniels 


Lindsay Ramm 


Kristen Zielinski 


Sarah McDougle 


Jill Toomey 


Hannah Kimball 


Nicole Zielinski 


Andrea Caldwell 


Kara Paglione 




Diana Salvatore 


Christina Aldrich 


Sally Troy 


Jocelyn Newell 


Justine Veloza 


Katie England 


Casey Cifford 


Annie Hughes 


Heather Lowe 


Keely Brinchman 

Head Coach: Dick Dawson 
(5th Year) 

Assistant Coach: Erica 
Mastrogiacomo (2ndyear) 
Assistant Coach: Lindsey 
Fairweather (1st year) 
Captains: Casy Cifford, 
Katie England, 
Jocelyn Newell 





- • a 



liiSttt-r * -«*w»Mti!5i8S 

Photos courtesy of the Sports Center. 37 



Jennifer Dolan 


Kelsey Hasick 


Catherine Schulteis 


Kerri Ann Arsenault 


Sarah Clayton 


Gillian Petrozziello 


Lauren Kreckie 


Megan Con I in 






Karyn Deptula 




Dani O'Neill 


Joanna Donato 


Catherine Dysert 




Natalie Margolis 

f ttiiSiffcr 


Head Coach: Jennifer Starek (2nd season) 
Assistant Coach: Natalia Ardagna (2nd season) 
Assistant Coach: Anne Hennigan (1st season) 
Captains: Megan Conlin, Joanna Donato, Amyjensen 

Simmons Softball Scores COF Title 

In March, the team won the COF Muddy 
River Softball Tournament. The team's 
success was a result of the players' 
dedication and hard work, all of which 
began in the pre-season. Junior pitcher 
Joanna Donato had her most successful 
game as she struck out 15 batters over 12 
innings. The win was the first title for the 
Sharks as they defeated 2003 champion 
Wentworth Institute of Technology, 5-3. 
The team qualified for the COF 
championship game after defeating 
Emmanuel 10-0. During this game, 
Donato struck out seven batters; 
sophomore shortstop Ann Talarico also played fantastically with 
two runs scored and two runs batted in, while junior outfielder 
Dani O'Neill belted a two-run homerun as a part of a seven-run 
second inning. Before the Leopards scored a run, Simmons led 
3-0; then, by the fifth inning, the Sharks led 5-1. During the 
game Donato scattered six hits and struck out eight batters. 
Offensively, Talarico was 2-for-3 with three runs scored and two 
RBI, as junior Megan Conlin was 2-for-2 with two runs scored. 

38 Team photo courtesy of the Sports Center. Action photos provided byjoanna Donato. 

& Diving 

Simmons Sharks Swim to the Top 

The Sharks competed fiercely in all of their meets. They finished 
strongly at the Regis Invitational Competition, garnering 
third place. Although these accomplishments are great, 
the Sharks are proudest of their win at the GNAC 
championships. The Sharks were able to defend their 2004- 
2005 title, taking first place out of seven teams. Their talent 
shone through at the GNAC championships: freshman 
Keri-Ann Arsenault set a pool and conference record in 
the 1600 freestyle with a time of 19:22.14. Arsenault also 
took first place in the 500 freestyle and was a member of 
the 200 medley relay, first-place team. In addition, sophomore 
Elizabeth Chan placed 1st in the 200 breaststroke and was 
also a member of the winning 200 medley relay team. 
Freshman Whitney Gaglio took first in the 200 butterfly 
and freshman Britta Shute finished first in the 50 butterfly. 
Simmons placed 10th out of 22 teams at the New England 
Championships at WNEC in February. 

Lea Alderson 
Keri-Ann Arsenault 
Rachel Booth by 
Erica Boswell 
Elizabeth Chan 
Christine Doherty 
Jennifer Erviti 
Carolyn Farmer 
Whitney Gaglio 
Jessica Garretson 
Katherine Hansell 
Julia Herman 
Kelly Lowry 
Megan MacDonald 
Kathleen Minihan 
Julia Morrison 
Holly Paquette 
Britta Shute 
Megan Sullivan 
Katherine Willetts 

Head Coach: DougBacklund 

(9th Season) 

Diving Coach: Erin Rowe 

(2nd Season) 

Captains: Rachel Booth by, 

Christine Doherty, Megan 


Photos courtesy of the Sports Center. 39 


Meagan Bassett 
Kendra Currier 
Veronica Dee 
Mae Ercolani 
Lauren Faber 
Sari Cuttin 
Elizabeth Hannigan 
Vanita Kontrakul 
Aleta Hitchcock 
Allison Kukla 
Christina Lenis 
Diana Ouellette 
Cydney Shald 
Sarah Wachter 
Alexandra Yudelevich 

Head Coach: Bob Rauseo (1st Year) 
Assistant Coach: Victoria Scavo 
(1st Year) 
Captains: Meagan Bassett, Mae 
Ercolani, Alexandra Yudelevich 

Simmons Tennis Racks Up CNAC Championship 

With a new coach and a fierce desire for a championship title, the 
Simmons Tennis Team started their season strongly and finished 
the same way. In mid-August, experienced and first-year players were 
welcomed to the courts by their new head coach, Robert Rauseo. 
Rauseo came to Simmons with much experience in coaching and tennis 
and a high hope for success. While Rauseo welcomed his players to 
their home, six hard courts on the Winsor fields, captains Meagan 
Bassett, Mae Ercolani, and Alexandra Yudelevich were determined to 
lead their team to victory. These leaders fulfilled their goal as the" 
team won their second consecutive GNAC Championship, defeating 
Western New England College, 5-0. In the final rounds of the 
tournament, Simmons swept the singles play as senior Meagan 
Bassett, junior Vanita Kontrakul, and sophomores Alex Yudelevich 
and Veronica Dee were triumphant in their matches. During the 
GNAC Tournament, Rauseo was named Coach of the Year for his 
outstanding direction and leadership, while Sari Guttin and Meagan 
Bassett were runners up for Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year. 
With the GNAC title on their rackets, the team finished the season 
with an overall record of 12-2 and 10-0 in the conference. 

40 Photos courtesy of the Sports Center 

""* rMBfcj -ffiwBik ^bUB RjM| ~*\* 

; Mc^^L. 1 *^* ^**~' t"§*«^-U 

■ " MSHMBBi^^^^^^^^^ 


JT : 







Simmons Sharks Serve Success 

This young team finished their season in an encouraging 
manner with a record of 6-15 overall and 3-6 in GNAC 
During their regular season, the Sharks finished eighth 
in the GNAC, earning them their fourth consecutive 
conference tournament appearance. While playing in 
the quarterfinal round, Simmons faced Emmanuel 
College, to whom they lost 0-3. This year, the Sharks were 
led by junior Captain Chel' c Pool, an outstanding 
player who averaged 4.5 assists per game, and sophomore 
Kristine Lucas, who was named twice to the GNAC 
Honor Roll. 


Rachel Benjamin 
Shannon Beserra 
Kathleen Connolly 
Jennifer DuBois 
Alice Liao 
Kristine Lucas 
Jona Muhameti 
Victoria Nye 
Chel'C Pool 
Jamie Rear 
Marissa Rousselle 
Caitlin Surprise 
Pamela Thompson 

Head Coach: David Wong (3rd Season) 
Assistant Coach: David Wingshee (3rd Season) 
Captains: Chel'C Pool, Jamie Rear, Alice Liao 

Photos courtesy of the Sports Center. 


At Simmons, you don't have to be a 
varsity athlete to be involved with 
athletics. You can cheer on our 
teams or participate in LEAP classes 
that range from yoga to hip hop 
dance. Some students even play 
rugby for the women's club team at 
Wentworth Institute of Technology. 
No matter what sport or activity, 
athletics can create a sense of 
community, foster leadership and 
self-discipline, lay foundations for 
healthy lifestyles, and, perhaps most 
importantly, provide opportunities 
for fun. 

s \$tAW& 



^hki> A 

• ••■ . . , 

affSsfy'Sffi^W! ' : ^*SMMr- 

, ,,v*«^ 



* % 

» ♦ 




. , 1 



--••— TF^ 

* » •■''* 

" * 

• ^ 


. a- 




!*■ wm : f' : 



fc ww :: 

• 1 ; 

- * l 

■ .■■■■■:■■■,;■'. ;■■;. ..-...■ . W: ■.;.■■ .::.:■:■;.-. ,: . . . .. ■ 

Simmons College is in the heart of Boston. As one of the 
many colleges in the city, Simmons students can take advantage 
of many wonderful aspects of city living. From going to the 
aquarium and science museum for fun, to interning at the 
State House or doing research in the Boston Public Library, 
the city works itself into student life every day. 

Lauren Hipschman 


Major: Undecided 

'During the day, I am interested in visiting 
different museums, like the Isabella Stewart 
Gardner Museum or the Museum of Fine 
Arts. I am a night person and can always 
find things going on at MIT, Boston 
College or Harvard. If I feel like going 
dancing, I'll go to a club, like Matrix or 

Students often find themselves taking the T downtown 
to study on Boston Common or shop on Newbury Street. 


{SNOak Grove. 

Q Maiden f 

Hi GJ Wonderland/ 
HS Revere Beach/ 

Beachmoni Ba : 
'Suffolk Downs J5S 
Orient Heights S3 
Wood Island SS 


a Boston College 

_^ B Cleveland- . 

>° ^ o- 


Ci : ' O O ;: ■ Term!nai 

* .,.,: station 

63 Accessible Station 
til Parking 

Boston Harbor Ferry Services 

OloveJoy Wttart to 
Cna'tewowo Navy Yard 
@Lnve)oy Vvnart lo U.S. Courthous 
Wattf iiarte Ceniw 
©Long Wharf to 
Chnrtnsiowti Navy Ya'd 

OHinahflii Sli* Vflrt to 
Rowrcs Wharf, Boslon 

Customer service & 

travel information.. ..(617) 222-3200 

Visit our website at: 

k WollastonB 

Quincy Center ',ta 

Qulncy Adams SB 

'What's great about living 
in Boston? Everything!" 

-- Kathleen Fitzgerald '07 

'Living in Boston made 
me realize how much I 
enjoy city life?' 

-- Catherine Hibbard '08 

Experiencing Boston 

Classic Experiences: 

- stopping at the Cheesecake Factory for 
dinner and, of course, dessert 

- getting lost on the T 

- figuring out what inbound and outbound are 

- navigating by way of .the Pru 

- passing by Yawkey Way and Lansdowne St. 
on the evening of a home game 

- managing to run into someone from 
Simmons every time you leave campus 

- going to midnight movies at the Fenway 
AMC and in Coolidge Corner 

- ordering frozen yogurt from Hidyan and 
having it delivered 

- walking along the Esplanade on a warm day 

- watching the Marathon in April and figuring 
out that Marathon Monday is just not a good 
day to take the T 

Simmons is not only in the 
heart of Boston, Boston is 
in our hearts. 

- The T is the oldest subway in the United States, and 
Park Street is the country's oldest subway station. 

- Bus rides are $0.90, and, for the most part, subway rides 
are $1.25. ($1.50-3.00 inbound on the D line, but free| 
on Green Line outbound surface stops! Some Red Line 
stations have special fares as well.) 

- MBTA service includes four subway lines, thirteen 
commuter rail lines, five boat routes, and 170 bus routes, 
covering approximately 3,244 square miles. 
The MBTA serves 175 cities and towns in eastern 
Massachusetts with over 1.1 million riders each day. 




Julie DelPrato 


and Mathematics 

What was your craziest experience on 
the T? 

I was getting on a crowded E train with 
my hockey equipment. I fell on a guy 
who was wearing a suit and hit him in 
the head with one of my skates. 

S UMIVIER Effective June 25, 2005 

Brighton Center - 

KenmOre Sta, viaBroakfinaAve. 

Serving: St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, BrooMine 
Village, Longwood Mad. Area, Beth ferae! 
Deaconess SSed. Ctr„ Fenway Park and 
connections to the Green Line 

Red Sox Mania 

Boston Red Sox fans are in a league 
of their own. They hate the Yankees 
with a passion (sorry, New Yorkers!) 
and celebrate in their own way -- they 
have been known to party on Yawkey 
Way, climb lampposts and billboards, 
overturn cars and riot on Brookline 
Ave. In 2004, Boston's beloved took 
the World Series title for the first time in 
86 years, and we were right down the 
street to see it. Even the Prudential 
tower displayed its love for the Sox, 
turning on office lights to display "Go 
Sox" on the side of the building. In 
2005, the Red Sox made it to the 
ALDS but lost to the White Sox. 

Favorite Things to Do in Boston 
in the Fall: 

Watching the Red Sox play at Fenway Park 
Shopping on Newbury Street and at the Pru 

Favorite Things to Do in Boston 
in the Winter: 

Going to the Gardner Museum and MFA 
Taking the T to random places to stay dry 

Favorite Things to Do in Boston 
in the Spring: 

Going on Duck Tours 
Eating pizza and desserts in the North End 

Favorite Things to Do in Boston 
in the Summer: 

Relaxing and reading on Boston Common 
Walking around the city with friends 


Director of Residence Life: Jeanais Brodie 
Assistant Director of Residence Life: Megan 

Perry-Spears -: 

Administrative Assistant: Tanya Young West 

Arnold Hall RD: Stephanie Clarke; RAs: 

Amy Burton, Tibrine daFonseca, Elena Larson 

Beacon Street Senior RA: Desirae Simmons; 

RA:)en Larsen 

Dix Hall RD: Kim Johnson; RAs: Alexis 

Brooke Felder, Joy Kogut, Heather Strauch, 

Jen Thompson 

Evans Hall RD: Kristy Krugh; RA: Jessica Iselin 

Mesick Hall RD: Rosie Puthiyamadam; 

RAs: Emily Catalozzi, Cilian Citchell, Meryl 

Pinette, Karabeth Vanick 

Morse Hall RD: Katie Lynk Wartman; RAs: 

Cody DeSouza, Megan Greenwood, Alyssa 

Noble, Darline Tunis 

North Hall RD: Daina King-Sail; RAs: 

Robert Foote, Danielle Savin 

Simmons Hall RD: Megan Perry-Spears; RAs: 

Leslie Doerr, Annie Hughes, Danielle O'Neill, Liz 

Parker, Kathleen Taglieri, Alessandra Veiga 

Smith Hall RD: Kristy Krugh; RAs: Alexis 

Ambrogio, Olga Monina, Basia Szul 

South Hall RD: Daina King-Sail; RAs: Lani 

Evelyn, Jodie Freed, Beth Maclin 

Wentworth Senior RAs: Laura Horst, Emily 



Megan Greenwood 



Relations and History 

RAs work really hard as a team to get 
through to residents through programming 
and community outreach. We encourage 
residents to get involved in the Simmons 
Community through Hall Council and 
events like the Festival of Lights and 
Simmons Cup. Getting involved promotes 
growth personally, socially and academically. 

Resident Life 

According to the 1904-1905 college catalog, tuition was 
$100 per year, not including lab fees; room and board 
ranged between $250 and $300 per year. For 2005-2006, 
tuition was $24,680; room and board was $10,200. 

- Simmons College Archives Website 

How old is the residence campus 


South Hall: 1905 
North Hall: 1907 
Evans Hall: 1938 
Arnold Hall: 1951 
Bartol Hall: 1953 
Dix Hall: 1953 

Morse Hall: 1953 
Simmons Hall: 1956 
Health Center: 1961 
Mesick Hall: 1961 
Smith Hall: 1964 
Sports Center: 1989 



Above: A student goes to her locker across from the 


Above right: Mailboxes for Dix Scholars. 

Right: Apartments at the corner of Palace Road 

and Tetlow Street. Commuters who live here are 

closer to their classes than resident students! 

Each commuter student has her own story. 
Some students live very near campus, while 
others travel into Boston from as far away 
as Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Some 
are juggling work, school and family (or any 
combination of the three). Commuters may 
be living with their families, significant 
others, roommate© or pets, or they may 
keep company. 

Cheryl Stokes 


Major: Biology 

My experiences of commuting: some days, 
it will only take me 45 minutes (not bad), 
another day could take 2 hours (very 
bad). If I get to the parking lot early, parking 
isn't bad; however, some days the parking 
lot is full, and none of the attendants are 
around to park my car. 

Simmons Works to Be Commuter-Friendly 

Simmons offers its commuter students options in 
hopes of making their travels less stressful. 
Specifically, thanks to the generous donation of 
alumna Ruth Dane Bernat '35, each commuter 
has her own locker to store coats, books, and 
other necessities. Students also have the option 
of relaxing in the Commuter Lounge or heating 
up leftovers from home in a microwave located 
in the vending area of the MCB. 

Commuter life, like resident life, has its ups and 
downs. There's the freedom of living in your own 
space, but there are monthly bills, which, around 
Boston, tend to be very high. You can choose 
your own menu, but you have to set aside the 
time to shop and cook for it (and maybe for a 
family too). Many commuters spend a lot of time 
traveling, never mind handling the challenges of 
parking.Living off campus, for many, is the smart 
choice. It is a different experience from resident life 
-- one you won't know unless you try Having your 
own space can be a lot of fun (and a lot of work). 


Left: Commuter mailboxes in the Student Activities area in the 
MCB. This year, there were so many commuters that there were 
only enough mailboxes for students with last names A-P! 
Below: The commuter lounge in the MCB, complete with 
couches, chairs, tables, books, a web station and a mini fridge, 
offers a comfortable and convenient place to study and hang out 
before, after or in-between classes. 


Dining on Campus 

Some Java City Favorites: 

hot apple cider black and white on ice 

chai tea latte hot tea 

regular coffee Italian soda 

Javalanche hot chocolate 

caramel macchiato latte 

Dining at Simmons 
everyone at Simmons 

is an experience that 
administrator, faculty, 
staff, commuter or resident student -- has taken 
part in, whether waiting for a cup of coffee in 
Java City during the 12:20 rush, getting late 
night mozzarella sticks at Quadside, eating 
Sunday brunch at Bartol, or grabbing a bag 
of Swedish Fish from The Fens during the 
break in the middle of a three-hour seminar. 
On weekends, a significant number of 
significant others appear on campus and add 
to the dining experience. At Bartol, it is always 
a pleasure to watch the residence staff's 
children having fun. The sports teams pull 
tables together to reunite after evening 
practices and share a meal. Even President 
Cheever has made an appearance in the 
College Center on Halloween wearing his 
unforgettable slippers! 

Bartol Hall Java City Quadside Cafe The Fens Cafeteria 












{■ ■ \m ~.-£g i 





—--— zsr 


' : r— 'P^^^^^^HB 

~ " ~ t 




fc^' -"« 

Alexandra Mayvllle ^ ^ 

Location Manager 
Bartol Hall 

Festive meals are a time to bring in 
newer and exciting items. It's fun 
planning a themed menu. It's nice 
to have the faculty and staff from 
the main campus come over here. 
It's also great having student 
involvement in these events with 
menu brainstorming and decoration. 

Some Bartol Favorites: 
quesadillas at Center Stage, stir fry at 
Center Stage, omelettes on weekends, 
salad bar, BBQ chicken pizza, Creek 
salad wrap,gnocchi at 3 Square, cookies 
of all kinds, Pilgrim Deli sandwiches, 
Winter Wonderland, mint chocolate 
chip and cookie dough ice creams 

At the end of each semester, Student 
Activities and Presidents' Council host 
a late-night Moonlight Breakfast at 
Bartol. Students are invited to stop 
by and take a break from studying for 
and stressing about finals and final 
papers. Hall councils and volunteers 
serve food while pajama-clad students 
sing karaoke and hang out. 

Some Favorites at The Fens: 

garden burgers 

pulled pork sandwiches 

grilled cheese with tomato or bacon 

make-your-own salad 

chicken fingers 


pizza of all types 

chicken Caesar wraps 


Student Activities 

Aveva Mack and Jessica Haffner 
represent Hillel at the student 
organizations fair in February. 

The women of SGA proudly display their Simmons Superfan shirts. 
Front, L-R: Treasurer Katie England, Secretary Pati Fernandez, Vice 
President Julie Bolduc, Academic Affairs Officer Darline Tunis; Back, 
L-R: President Andrea Glover, SAM Chair Fay Stambuk, Student Affairs 
Officer Laura Nelson. 


L-R: Jeannie Baca, Carolyn Terranova and Sarah Derron L-R: Supicha Kridaratikorn, Virginia Liu and 

from Amnesty International run a tabling in the Fens Chel'C Pool recruit for the Asian Students 

to petition Chevron about their water-polluting Association during February's student organization 

practices. fair. 


Clockwise from top left: 

the Chorale at their Winter Concert; 
Rachel Swepson and Pam Thompson 
from BSO at the Black History Month 
cake cutting; 

members of OLA recruiting at a 
student activities fair on the quad; 
the Sirens taking sign-ups for fall 
auditions and selling copies of their 
latest CD, "Jidda Lidda What?!"; 
the Voice staff working late on a 
Tuesday night, as goes the weekly 


Above: American Marketing Association members 
Jessica Griffin and Anna Ashby give out information 
at a student organization fair. 


Above: The Chorale, pictured wfth friends in Smith 
Hall, went from dorm to dorm for a holiday 
sing-along and invited members of the community 
to join in. 

Above: Members of the 2006 Alternative Spring 
Break team take a break after a long day's work in 
Salem, NJ. 

Below: Sadie MacQuarrie and Cheryl Kohen are 
very excited about the English/Philosophy Liason's 
tote bags. 


Above: Lucienne Merrill and Meredith Sheehan 
proudly display their sign to recruit students 
for the Running Club. 

Right: Valerie Basnight and Laura Buermann 
sport their Feminist Union t-shirts. 


Clockwise from above: Simmons Christian 
Fellowship members Ashley Page, Emily 
RiCharde, and Christina Piselli ask students 
"Why Not?" for their open forum; Assistant 
Director of Student Activities Michelle Vital 
and graduate student Laura Shufelt celebrate 
Native American Indian Heritage Month; 
students and Simmons friends taste test each 
hall's cookies during the Cookie Bake-Off. 


A birthday party in Morse Hall. Front, L-R:Jocelyn Hottejill Pollock, Sarah Khalil, Alyssa Arevalo hanging out on 
Camille Leaden-Soto, Samantha Furbush. Back, L-R: Catherine Heller, Lindsay Alternative Spring Break. 
Cotter, Kelly McDonald, and Kristine Movalli. 

Class of 2009: The First-Year Experience 

Clockwise from bottom 

left: Katherine Swanson 
playing in the dorms; 
Nailery Acosta and Laura 
Moody on their way out 
for the night; Laura 
Thompson and Roya 
Sanieoff out dancing; 
Zaya Bold and Julia 
Mav rides-Rogers 
catching some "zzzs" on 
the T on their way to 
Cradles to Crayons; 
Anna Sherry at floor 
snacks on the 4th floor 
of Morse. 


■ H | 
I B\»«* i 

■ -I 1 I 


/ fid** 

W1L WilM 


Above, L-R: Leora Rifkin, Alyssa 
Noble and Megan Greenwood 
out dancing the night away. 

Right, clockwise from left: Street 
Team members Anna Reinhard, 
Lauren Lickwar and Kate 
Houghtalen and Orientation 
Leader Bridget Batchelder 
outside Simmons Hall on move- 
in day. 

Left: Orientation Leader Kathleen 
Peters poses on move-in day. 

Left, L-R: 2008 Class Council. 

President Bridget Batchelder, Vice 
President Kelly Rafferty, Treasurer 
Heather Foley, Secretary Daniella 

Above: Colleen Wiggins laughs while 
working at her desk. 

Class of 2008: 

The Sophomore 



Emily Silvius and Jessica White love their 
Red Sox! 

Class of 2007: 
The Junior 

Front, L-R: junior Rebecca Macijeski and senior Kedar Thomas; 
Back, L-R: juniors Erin Murphy and Shannon Farrell at the 
Chorale's winter concert. 

Above: Kathleen Fitzgerald makes 

faces to show her love for M&Ms. 

Above right, L-R: junior Megan 

Damour, senior Karyn Brehmeyer 

and junior Aly Heimer show off 

their Cat's Cradle skills. What to 

do when you're bored at Bartol? 

Find a piece of string! 

Right, L-R: MJ Craig, Natalie Kaufman 

and Monica Nasser enjoy Winter 


ir ^^eT '^^E flVBi ^B 


^1 '-*' ' ^1 



^J;'; K^" j§ 

1 111 

Back, L-R: Susan Chudd (Facilitator), Salihah Ismail, France Belizaire, Monali Gidwani, 
Katherine Swanson, Ketevan Khukhunashvili, Ashley Haight, Danielle Zuber, Elizabeth Pierce 
(Facilitator). Front, L-R: Samantha Furbush, Katherine McGhee, Shannon Field, Ana 
Getiashvili, Dianna Magner. Not Pictured: Brittany Backhaus, Alexandra Martin. 

Emerging Leaders Program 

The Emerging Leader Program had a successful start this 
spring. Fourteen highly talented first-year students were 
selected to participate in the program and met weekly for six 
weeks to discuss topics related to leadership. The students 
participated in sessions that helped them explore their core 
values, communication, community building, working with 
conflict and challenging programs, and making their visions for 
leadership into reality. The Emerging Leader Program concluded 
with a reception that offered the women a chance to network 
with professionals from the Simmons College Community. 

Sam Furbush 


Major: Arts 

"My favorite part of ELP was the 
great and open discussions we had 
about the principles of leadership. All 
of the participants had different 
views and experiences that enriched 
the entire program." 


Office of Student Activities 

Office of Leadership and 
First-Year Programs , 

The Office of Student Activities runs 
major campus events including Family 
Weekend, Male Tribute Weekend, 
Women's Legacy Weekend, and 
Simmons Cup. They work closely with 
the Campus Activities Board to 
organize events for the campus 
community, including the Simmons 
Soiree, CAB movie nights, and speakers 
such as Adam Pascal from Rent. 
Student Activities provides financial 
and programmatic support to all 
student organizations and advises the 
Student Government Association so it 
can best serve the greater campus 

This year, the Office of Student 
Activities welcomed a new staff 
member, alumna Michelle Vital '00, 
Assistant Director of Student Activities, 
and bid a fond farewell to Cretchen 
Croggel, Director of Student Activities. 

This year, the Office of Leadership and FirstYear Programs welcomed a new staff member, 
Susan Chudd, Assistant Director of Leadership and FirstYear Programs, and bid farewell to 
Elizabeth Pierce, Director of Leadership and FirstYear Programs. 


Below, L-R: Elizabeth Pierce, Director of Leadership and First- Year Programs; 
Cretchen Croggel, Director of Student Activities; Susan Chudd, Assistant Director 
of Leadership and First- Year Programs; Michelle Vital, Assistant Director of 
Student Activities. 


















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a>s ro 


BO 0) 

r~i h- tn 

? ro 

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ro 2 eo 

1 — fi © o 

i CO 

raKO -"*' 



C""» . <e» . _«£ jp. j-rjjl 


— | CO 





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-- CD 
CO o 







-O H 

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tS3T n 

1 m 

ro - 
en o 





S CO j, 

I o 

! "o 

; I-* 

! 1^ 

- CO 




<"> o> * 

| m 

The Office of Leadership and First- 
Year Programs supports student transition 
to college life and provides opportunities 
for students to develop leadership skills 
while at Simmons. The department 
coordinates undergraduate orientations, 
the First-Year Experience Seminar, and the 
Student Leadership Selection Process. They 
also organize leadership trainings for 
students, such as the Emerging Leader 
Program, and a Student Leadership Training 
Day. In addition, they serve as a valuable 
resource for all students interested in getting 
involved at Simmons College in collaboration 
with the Office of Student Activities. 63 

If you're photographing in color, 
you show the color of their clothes; if 
you use black and white, you will 
show the color of their soul. 

-- Unknown 

No place is boring, if you've had a 
good night's sleep and have a pocket 
full of unexposed film. 

-- Robert Adams 

There will be times when you will be in the field without a camera. And, you 
will see the most glorious sunset or the most beautiful scene that you have 
ever witnessed. Don't be bitter because you can't record it. Sit down, drink 
it in, and enjoy it for what it is! -- DeCriff 


>■/ : o 





• & #/# , / , 

mms< '• 


W/J/P / . 



f- i 


% / f/f 

f/M, 7 



fmrh ■ 




Simmons Colltfg? S't 

The largest class in many years, you arrived in September of 2002 to much hustle 
and bustle on campus. This would soon become a way of life. Your class was the first to 
be introduced to First Year Experience course. Ground was broken for the new Palace 
Road building, residence halls were renovated and the new College Center, now a staple 
of daily campus life, was unveiled. A now transformed Quadside is no longer recognizable 
as the underground dive it once was. ( Fortunately, your beloved Ms. Pac - Man survived 
the renovation. ) 

As the college has changed and evolved during your time here, so too have 
all of you. You have taken on leadership roles in student organizations, as RA's and in 
student government. You have been athletes on the winningest sports teams in recent 
history, you have been activists, you have turned out to vote in record numbers. You 
have been generous mentors to your less seasoned classmates. You have learned to 
juggle multiple responsibilities, including work and family commitments. And we have 
witnessed your transformation. We have seen you evolve from tentative first years to 
the confident and articulate seniors you are today. You have represented the College and 
excelled in your internships, at your clinical sites and through your service learning 
experiences. You are the face of Simmons, the very embodiment of the College, and you 
have made us proud. 
66 -- Sarah Neill, Associate Dean for Student Life, September 14, 2005 


We are Dix Scholars, traditional students, Bostonians, New Englanders, East Coasters, 
Midwesterners, Texans, West Coasters, international students. We speak many 
languages. We come from many cultures and many walks of life. We are transfer 
students and students who have been here right from the beginning. We are full-time 
and part-time students. We are workers and volunteers. We are daughters. We are mothers. 
We are friends. We are listeners and speakers. We are residents and commuters. We are 
athletes. We are activists. We are musicians, artists, designers, writers, photographers. 
We are believers and non-believers. We are political. We are travelers. We are teachers. 
We are dedicated. We are questioners and thinkers. We are leaders. 

We are women. 

We are strom 

We are Simmons. 






This is senior year. This is the end 

of our undergraduate careers here. 
Most of us will say goodbye to 
Simmons. Maybe even to Boston. Some 
will stick around. For many of us, it 
will be a goodbye to each other. We 
walk away with memories of our 
experiences here, with friends, with 
knowledge and skills, and maybe a 
yearbook to help remember some of it. 


Friendship is the allay of our sorrows, 
the ease of our passions, the discharge 
of our oppressions, the sanctuary to 
our calamities, the counselor of our 
doubts, the clarity of our minds. 
-- Jeremy Taylor 


No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen 
the friendship of those who are thoroughly 
persuaded of each other's worth. 

-- Robert Southey 

I keep my friends as misers do 
their treasure, because, of all the 
things granted us by wisdom, 
none is greater or better than 

-- Pietro Aretino 


The Constitution only 
guarantees the American 
people the right to pursue 
happiness. You have to 
catch it yourself. 

-- Benjamin Franklin 

A part of you has grown in 
me, and so you see, it's you 
and me together forever. 
Never apart, maybe in distance, 
but never in heart. 

-- Unknown 

In loneliness, in sickness, in confusion 
-- the mere knowledge offriendship makes 
it possible to endure, even 
if the friend is powerless to help. It 
is enough that they exist. Friendship 
is not diminished by distance or time, 
by imprisonment or war, by suffering 
or silence. It is in these things that it roots 
most deeply. It is from these 
things that it flowers. 

-- Pamela Brown 


Patricia U. Amaefuna 

Meagan Bassett 

Katherine E. Bertrand 

Stephanie Anderson 

Erin Keaolewa Apo 

Ashley Benaroya 

Shari L Benson 

Renee L. Blank 

Julie Marie Bolduc 

Amanda Arkins 

Alison Bergeron 

Karyn Brehmeyer 


Tania M. Cabrera 

Alexandria B. Carithers 

Siobhan Kathleen Casey 

Ana Cristina Caldera 

Lori Anne 


jStet. ■ 

tJHML. ■: 






Jennifer Caron 

Lindsay Carvalho 


W ■Ml 

ErinJ. Chaney 

Maureen Callahan 

Kelly Casey 

Kathy Chaurasiya 


Melissa A. Cheney 

Diana S. Chow 

Megan Chrisman 

Jill S. Cummings 

Sarah L. Curran 

Tibrine da Fonseca 

■ ^^ i 

Shauna Daniel-Collins Hillary Sarah Dearborn 

Donna M. De Filippo 

Julia Rose Clark 

Janine M. D'Alelio 

Julie Therese Del Prato 


Sweta Desai 

Leslie Doerr 

Megan R. Dowdel 

Kate Diamond 

Margarita Diaz Alyssa Mikiko DiPasquale 

Christine Doherty 

Carla E. Doughty 

Kerrin Dowling 

Donna Dubrawski 

Katherine McKee England Mae Allison Ercolani 

Arwen LauraFarrell 

Greta A. Douglas 

Emily A. Dupont 

Kari Lynn Fitch 


Erin Flanagan- Raynaud 

Jessica Francisco 

Jeannine Foley 

Kara A. Foley 

Lindsey Foster 

Christine Franey 

Jodie Freed 

Leigh Friguglietti 

Bethany Giana 

Cilian Gitchell 

Andrea Glover 

Gayle Emory Golding 


Jessica R. Coman 

Leah Granger 

Meredith Lee Hanson 

Laurie Hendrickson 

Talia R. Grace 

Anna Maria Gramatyka Mariajasmine L. Granada 

Emily Griffin 

Jessica Rose Griffin 

Francesca Y. Gunn 

Mary A. Hardiman 

Danielle Harrington 

Abigail Powers Hemnes 

Lauren Hendriks 

Fiona Herring 

Wai Ling Ho 


Erin Hoffman 

Ashley M.Jackson 

Shira Katz 

Suzanne Hoffman 

v I 

Victoria S. Hoover 

Raven A. Jackson 


Marcy Beth Keddy 

Lindsay N. Keller 

Ann E. Hughes 


Laura A. Kelley 


Dig In! Our lives at Simmons started with orientation. We toured 
the city, met with our OLs and started to learn about Simmons. We 
jumped into classes, student activities, jobs, friends and personal lives. 

Many of us got acquainted with the concept of sharing a room in the 
residence halls. We lived in Arnold, Smith, Mesick, Simmons and South. 
We made it through a challenging first year, and we celebrated. We 
got through MCC! We wrote papers, went to labs and survived exams. 


We created movies, starred in our friends' 
movies and watched them on the big screen 
in C-103 during the ComMedia film festival. 

We studied Shakespeare. We found out that we can order custom frozen yogurt from 
Hidyan late at night and have it delivered right to our doors. We figured out the T. We 
found our way around Boston. We dodged traffic on Brookline Ave. and walked down 
The Fenway in the snow. 

Most of us came back again in fall 2003, fall 2004 and fall 2005 to do it all again. We've 
made wonderful friends and had unforgettable experiences. 

Now, at the end of it all, we reflect. We 
are wiser and better-educated women 
of Simmons. 


LisaJ. Kim 

Amy Kwok 

Megan Molenda LeMay 

Melanie Knasas 

Cheryl J. Kohen 

Melissa Rose LaChance 

Cabrielle Anne LaPlante 

Estela Leong 

Alexandra Faith Leszczynsky 

Evan Sirilo Kuhlman 

Jennifer Ever Larsen 






¥ i 


Katherine A. Leite 

Carol Li 


Alisabeth Martyn Loewenthal Andreea Beatrice Lungu 

Sarah A. Lupa 

Ashley Winter Mackes 

Jennifer Marie Madden 

Marleen Marino 

Beth Marks 

Ashley L. Marshall 

Courtney McMenimen 

Rebecca "Bex" Merhar 

Leslie Merlet 

Kathleen Minihan 

Catherine A. Mooney 



■ ■ 

f^L w 

^^^H^ : ' ' ■ ■ - sflBRB 



Sara Anne Moore 

sfln / 

In "" f 

; 1 


Nicole D. Morrissey 

Veronica Moy 

i / • 

Elizabeth L Parker 

■ W ^?%&--;. 







Regis Murphy 

Cina Patterson 

Katherine Penyacsek 

Meg Perkins-Ames 

Meaghan E. Petitti 

Vanessa Pettigrew 

Eleana Pham 

Loc-Duyen Pham 

Tara Rafieymehr 

Michelle L. Raleza 

Tabetha Bovaye Ralph 

Lindsay Ramm 

Christina A. Rasla 

Kamie Lynn Richard 

Anel Vanessa Rivera 

Sarah-Jo Roberts 


Amy K. Russo 

Elisa Mercedes Sanchez Justine Elizabeth Scheeder DeLuca Cory Elizabeth Schluter 

Victoria H. Sjostrom 

Bethany Smith 

Elizabeth C. Smith 

Ashley Southwick 


Danielle M. Sweeney 

Basia Szul 

Dasheka Tate Taylor 

Regine Theodat 

Kedar Grace Thomas 

Jamie C. Terwilliger 

Pamela J. Thompson Jessica Lynne Tomlinson 

Lyly Tran 

Sally E. Troy 

Barbra Elaine Umana-Pettus 

Lillian Chidi Uwalaka 



J rfS 5 - 


' ■' ■ '..-.■"'■' ■:■ .-. M 





■ ■■ " 


Karabeth Vanick 

Sheryl Fay Van Sice 

Kristen Wallenius 

Brandie Whitman 

Stacey Withers-Cudworth 

Julie Wixted 

Brandy Watts 

Sarah Woodbury 

Yan Yan Yii 

Julia C. Young 


We shared many smiles and many tears, we shared all our 
hopes and all our fears, but if there was one that beat 
out the rest, the times we shared laughter were always 
the best. -- Unknown 

We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that 
we find in our travels is an honest friend. -- Robert Louis Stevenson 


We all take different paths in life, 
but no matter where we go, we take 
a little of each other everywhere. 
-- Tim McCraw 

R* *^ 

Wm ** f^ 


f dHjBMII 

^^^^ JflRs ' i^^B 

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet 
again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who 
are friends. - Richard Bach 

There isn't much that I can do, but I can share an hour with you, and I can share 
a joke with you. on our way we go. -- Maude V. Preston 

We must not only give what we have; 
we must also give what we are. 
-- Desire -Joseph Mercier 


Robin Lynn Crampton 


...From the little girl in the hat to the young woman in the cap and gown, we will always 

love you. Robin, we are all so proud of the goals you have achieved. The future is yours. 


Mom, Dad, Heather & Sarah 

Kristine Guest 

In Loving Memory of Kristine Guest 

June 24, 1984 - February 6, 2005 

As one of her best friends, I hold Kristines love for 
life and happy spirit in my heart as I prepare to 
leave Simmons. She will forever be missed by her 
friends and others who knew her in the Class of 

- Hillary Dearborn 

Hillary Dearborn 


You have always been an achiever as a 

student. We never needed to keep you 

on track as you always did that on your 

own. It has been a pleasure for us as 

parents to witness your growth over the 

years physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Best of luck and much happiness through 

all of your tomorrows. 

With great love and admiration, 

Mom and Pap 

Karabeth Vanick 

Congratulations and 
Best Wishes as you 
begin the next step in 
your adventure of life. 

Love always, Mom, Dad, Kristen, Kimm, and Nan 


Erin Chaney 


We are so proud of 

you and all you have 


Love you 
Mom, Dad, 
Mel Lon, 
Meg, Matt 
& Liam 

Mary Hardiman 

I need to thank all of you so much. 

Shawn, it was hard, but we got through it. Thank you 
and I love you with all my heart. 

Mom and Dad, couldn't have done it without you! 
You both supported me and the kiddies when we needed 
it the most. Thank youl 

And Mom and Dad Hardiman, thank you so much for 
all your help. I really appreciate it! 

I love all of you so much and cant thank you enough. 

I love you -- Mary 

Jennifer K. Plourde 


We are so proud of 
you and we love you 
very much! 

Mom, Dad, & Amy 

Christiane Nickel 


May you have a successful, fulfilling and safe life 
God bless you, 

Your loving family 

and friends 


Abigail Powers Hemnes 

Oh such a happy loss 

To see our child toss 

Her cap into the air 

And celebrate this event so fair. 

Our love, admiration and congratulations to our extraordinary 
daughter Abigail Powers Hemnes. What a grand success! 

Your loving parents, 
Carole and Tom Hemnes 


Stacey Withers 


I know Grampy is smiling today. 

We are all so proud of you! 

I will love you always and forever. 



Bethany Giana 

We have enjoyed 
watching you grow 
up into the young 
woman you are now. 
Enjoy life and find 
your passion. 


Mom & Dad 

Alisabeth Loewenthal 


For Alisabeth and the Class of 2006: 

Congratulations on your success 

and Best Wishes for a future 

bright with opportunities. 

Love, Matthew, Teresa, Mom and Dad 

Danielle Robertson 

Danielle: You have no idea how proud we 
are of you. You have turned into a 
beautiful woman both inside and out. Oh 
the places you have been; and the places 
you will go. Never stop living your dreams. 
Love Mom, Dad & Brian 


Amanda Arkins 

Let The Magic Begin 




ou are rorever love 
Dad, Mom, Christian, Leila & Kevin 


Shari Benson 

Congratulations Shari! It is through your 
ambition, commitment and hard work that 
you have accomplished another goal in 
your life. Thank you for being such a 
wonderful daughter, sister and friend. 
May you find success and happiness in 
everything you do, and may all your 
dreams come true. We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Tim and Kate 


m II 



Megan Chrisman 


Whether your role is student, daughter, big sister, or friend, you 

have always been kind, considerate, and more than willing to 

help and do your very best at whatever project you attempt. 

Keep up the great work you started at Simmons. Your family is 

very proud of you. 

Love, Dad, Mom, and Kelley 


Sally Troy 

Sweet Sal, 

How full have these last four years been! It seems that you 

just packed your bags for Agnes Scott in Georgia, and now 

here you are - graduating from Simmons. 

Transferring schools last year and leaving friends and 

teammates - like Julia - behind had to be a challenging feat, 

and we truly admire the courage it took for you to do it. To 

gauge the value of such a switch is beyond measure now, 

and all that is left to say is... congratulations on all your 

undergraduate achievements. Balancing academics, athletics, 

and personal responsibilities could not have been easy. Few 

students attempt as much... and fewer persevere But you 

have succeeded throughout. 

From hereon in, Sal, and as always, we wish you much 

happiness, success, protection, and love. Good luck as you 

continue school, and may the angels always be with you. 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Casey, Mia, and Andy 

Lauren Hendriks 

"A Future So Bright* 

First day of kindergarten 

You are beginning a new and exciting chapter in 

your life and we know you are more than ready 

for the challenge. We have watched with pride as 

you enthusiastically prepared for this day in your 

life. Follow your heart, do what you love, and 

success is sure to follow. We are so very proud of 

your accomplishments and the wonderful woman 

you have become. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Sarah Woodbury 

Congratulations Sarah 
We are very proud of you! 

Love Mom and Dad 

Julia C. Young 

Julia - 

Congratulations on all that 
you have accomplished at 
Simmons. You've always 
been a joy in the lives of 
those you've touched. 
Love Dad 


Katherine Penyacsek 

Dear Katherine, 

I always knew you would 

surpass all expectations and 

achieve whatever you set 

your mind on. I am very 

proud of the amazing young woman you have 

become and look forward to celebrating many 

more accomplishments! Don t give up your 

dreams, don't forget to make new ones and 

never stop striving to be 
the best that you can be! 

The world awaits you! 

Love, Mom 

Jennifer Caron 


Keep on reaching. 


Dad & Mom 

• - Js- • 1." ' 

Many thanks to many people: 

Alyson Heimer, layout editor; Nicole Field, 

business manager; Samantha Furbush, photo editor; 

Claire Moynihan, photographer; 

Susan Chudd, our advisor; 

Tom Keeley, Jostens Publishing representative; 

Caren Orlick Korin, DaVor Photography representative, 

Faculty and administrators for their support and patience; 

Special thanks to Student Activities, Lauren Hendriks, 

Catherine Mooney, OLA, BSO, sports center staff, 

the class councils, and everyone who submitted photos. 

Rachel Stevenson 

Always be yourself, for no one else 
can compare to the integrity of your 
heart, and nothing can compare to 
your spirit, your style, your smile, and 
your laughter. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Taylor 

Four years ago, at high school graduation, I made a speech 
with the requisite "thank yous," reminiscences, jokes and a 
couple actual points. One of the things I told my class was 

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by 
the things you did not do than by those you did. So throw off 
the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade 
winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain 

Now, a few years older and a little wiser (but maybe only 
just a very little!), I get to make a bit of a speech in writing 
to a completely different audience, and I find that my 
point hasn't changed much. Regardless of who you are as 
you read this: alumna, current student, family, faculty, 
staff, administrator, or prospective student, I encourage 
you to explore. Try something new. 

Find what makes you happy, and follow it. 

To the Class of 2006, I wish you the best. We've each had 
our challenges and our successes here, and now it's time 
for something different. CONGRATULATIONS! 
To the yearbook staff, thank you, and good luck. 

Kari Fitch '06, Microcosm Editor-in-Chief